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How to create Html Character Style

Character Style

Character styles include physical and logical character styles, and Face, Size, and Color. The following is character style table.
Type Choice function
Physical styles <B> Make text bold.
<I> Make text italic.
<U> Make text underline.
<Strike> Make text strikethrough.
<Sup> Make text superscript.
<Sub> Make text subscript.
Teletype Make text teletype.
Logical styles <Strong> Indicate the text is very important.
<Em> Indicate the text is important.
<Cite> Indicate that the text is from a book or other document.
<Address> Indicate that the text is an address.
<Dfn> Indicate that the text is a definition.
<Samp> Indicate that the text is a sequence of literal characters.
Keyboard Indicate that the text is keyboard input.
<Var> Indicate that the text is a variable.
<Code> Indicate that the text is code.

Font Choice Function
Face Default Make text display in the default font (Times New Roman) of the Web browser.
Family Type a list of fonts separated by commas (for example, Helvetica, Arial, Courier). The text will display in the first listed font found on the browser's system.
(Font name) Make the text display in the font specified. (If the font is not available on the browser's system, another font will be substituted.)
Size 1 through 7 (3 is the default) Format text with 7 sizes where 7 is the largest size and 1 is the smallest.
Increase Format text with the largest size (same as 7).
Decrease Format text with the smallest size (same as 1).
Color "#xxxxxx" or: White, Red, Blue and Others Make the text a different color.

The tags below have the effect shown on the text in between.
     <U>underlined text</U>
     <B>bold text</B>
     <I>Italicized text</I>
     <BIG>Big text</BIG>
     <SMALL>small text</SMALL>
     <TT>Monospaced typewriter text</TT>
      (Note: This only works on Netscape)
     <SUB>This makes a subscript.</SUB>
     <SUP>This makes a superscript.</SUP>
     <FONT FACE="Arial">
       This is a test</FONT>
     <FONT COLOR="#00FF00">
              Text is in the color of Green</FONT>
     <FONT SIZE="+2">
       This is a test</FONT>


You may use this tag to set default font face, size or color for your page and save your time of coding. For example:
<basefont face="Arial" size="7" color="red">

Basic Tags
Character paragraph and positions tags
Styles Tags
Lists Tags
Links Tags
Images Tags

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